9 Effective Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

9 Effective Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

You love your beautiful carpet and want to keep it in good condition for a long time. It enhances the beauty of your house, but due to dirt and stains, it looks dirty. Maintenance helps in extending the life of the carpet. We are recommending you a guide to keeping your carpet good for a long time. 

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

First of all, a regular cleaning of your carpet is essential. Do not wait until it gets stains or dirty particles. The vacuum cleaner is therefore the first precious friend of your carpet. The carpet is both an element of decoration but also of comfort, so, in these respects, it deserves your special attention and care. Give at least 10 minutes every day.

Deep Cleaning

According to experts, it is recommended to go for carpet deep cleaning once in every 6 months. It means, you should call for carpet cleaning experts because they use a steam cleaning treatment that goes deep and results as a neat and clean carpet.

Use White Vinegar

If your carpet gets stained, then use some white vinegar and lukewarm water to lighten the stains mark. It will work for all stains like coffee stains, wine stains, sauce, oil stain, etc.

Avoid Detergent

Detergent is made for clothes. The fabric of the carpet is extremely soft and totally different from clothes. If you are using a detergent for carpet, then always test the product on an inconspicuous part of the carpet before proceeding with the complete cleaning, because, unfortunately, it may lead to big problems.


It is important to sun dry your carpet per month. The mould growth in the carpet will get rid of heavy sundry. Keep it in the sun, when there is a warm temperature with heavy sunlight.

Baking Soda

On stains, sparkling lukewarm water over the carpet. Thirty minutes after this operation, sprinkle the stains with baking soda, when the powder is completely dry, vacuum. Baking soda always works for stubborn stains.

No Washing Machine

If your washing machine is big enough to wash your carpet in it, then don’t try it for carpet. Carpets are handicraft items and extremely soft in nature. They are not made for washing in machines. For the cleaning purpose, the rule is to call professional carpet cleaners only.

Vegetable Oil Soap

If your carpet is stained by coffee, sauce, chocolate, you must immediately clean the stains. To do this, you must sponge the stain and then pass a little vegetable oil soap for soft carpets and rugs. It is necessary to be gentle with the carpet. Rough movement by hand is not recommended. After that, let it dry in direct sunlight.

Avoid Changing Furniture Places

The recommendation is to change the location of the furniture on the carpet every six months. Frequently, changing the furniture over the carpet causes sagging and can seriously damage the carpet fabric. Rotating the furniture frequently ensures rotation of it.

Book A Professional Carpet Cleaner

A carpet is not a household thing that can be cleaned regularly. But make sure to vacuum regularly. But in case of a very dirty carpet, you should call Professional carpet cleaners. There are many carpet cleaning companies like us who are willing to do carpet deep cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Penrith is one of the best carpet cleaning companies. Our dedicated team and experts are the best and give the best results.