The Checklist of End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

It’s always important to prepare a detailed list before executing a typical task. Carpet cleaning is one of the tasks that bear commitment and time. Before leaving a rental property, it’s essential to clean everything that was handed by the property proprietor. In case you’re unfit to give the effects in the same condition, the landlord can decrease some or the entire quantum from the security deposit.

The Checklist of End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Do not worry; hiring professional carpet cleaning can benefit you. Take care of other arrangements till the carpet cleaners employ their ways to remove colorful types of stains from the carpet. The figure charged by the companies is way lower than the bond plutocrat. 

2. Check Whether the Company Offers a Bond Back Guarantee 

It’s key to clarify whether the professional carpet cleaning company in Penrith you choose provides a bond- reverse guarantee or not. After all, the entire process is done to make the land proprietor happy. Nothing wants to face disagreements while shifting from one place to another. So, it’s better to check it. 

3. Clean the Carpet with Vacuum Cleaner 

The carpets must be disembowelled before the carpet drawing platoon reaches the home. This step in the roster is important because it helps in precluding the collection of dirt and beach patches on the carpet. Also, trash like papers, cardboard pieces, sprat toys, and other particulars should be removed. 

3. Bundle all the Sharp and Delicate Objects 

The carpet cleaners use a variety of machines to treat different carpet cleaning problems. It’s better to pack all the delicate and sharp valuables so that they don’t get damaged during the carpet cleaning process. This saves precious goods from breaking and falling. 

4. Detect all the Stains

If you feel that certain points in the carpet have too numerous stains, also you can note them down. Being a resident, you can inform the carpet cleansers about the reasons for the stains. This makes it easier for professional carpet cleaning experts to identify and remove the stains. 

5. Check the List of Services 

There are different results for different problems. Mold, mildew, odor, spots, and dust diminutives that are on the carpet. However, make sure that you speak to the experts whether they give customized carpet cleaning services or not If you’re planning to speak the service.


Whenever you find it necessary to hire the end-of-lease carpet drawing specialists in Penrith, just have a look at this roster. These points can help in making the moving-eschewal procedure more simplified and stress-free.

9 Effective Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

You love your beautiful carpet and want to keep it in good condition for a long time. It enhances the beauty of your house, but due to dirt and stains, it looks dirty. Maintenance helps in extending the life of the carpet. We are recommending you a guide to keeping your carpet good for a long time. 

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

First of all, a regular cleaning of your carpet is essential. Do not wait until it gets stains or dirty particles. The vacuum cleaner is therefore the first precious friend of your carpet. The carpet is both an element of decoration but also of comfort, so, in these respects, it deserves your special attention and care. Give at least 10 minutes every day.

Deep Cleaning

According to experts, it is recommended to go for carpet deep cleaning once in every 6 months. It means, you should call for carpet cleaning experts because they use a steam cleaning treatment that goes deep and results as a neat and clean carpet.

Use White Vinegar

If your carpet gets stained, then use some white vinegar and lukewarm water to lighten the stains mark. It will work for all stains like coffee stains, wine stains, sauce, oil stain, etc.

Avoid Detergent

Detergent is made for clothes. The fabric of the carpet is extremely soft and totally different from clothes. If you are using a detergent for carpet, then always test the product on an inconspicuous part of the carpet before proceeding with the complete cleaning, because, unfortunately, it may lead to big problems.


It is important to sun dry your carpet per month. The mould growth in the carpet will get rid of heavy sundry. Keep it in the sun, when there is a warm temperature with heavy sunlight.

Baking Soda

On stains, sparkling lukewarm water over the carpet. Thirty minutes after this operation, sprinkle the stains with baking soda, when the powder is completely dry, vacuum. Baking soda always works for stubborn stains.

No Washing Machine

If your washing machine is big enough to wash your carpet in it, then don’t try it for carpet. Carpets are handicraft items and extremely soft in nature. They are not made for washing in machines. For the cleaning purpose, the rule is to call professional carpet cleaners only.

Vegetable Oil Soap

If your carpet is stained by coffee, sauce, chocolate, you must immediately clean the stains. To do this, you must sponge the stain and then pass a little vegetable oil soap for soft carpets and rugs. It is necessary to be gentle with the carpet. Rough movement by hand is not recommended. After that, let it dry in direct sunlight.

Avoid Changing Furniture Places

The recommendation is to change the location of the furniture on the carpet every six months. Frequently, changing the furniture over the carpet causes sagging and can seriously damage the carpet fabric. Rotating the furniture frequently ensures rotation of it.

Book A Professional Carpet Cleaner

A carpet is not a household thing that can be cleaned regularly. But make sure to vacuum regularly. But in case of a very dirty carpet, you should call Professional carpet cleaners. There are many carpet cleaning companies like us who are willing to do carpet deep cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Penrith is one of the best carpet cleaning companies. Our dedicated team and experts are the best and give the best results.

DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are part of almost every house. They enhance the look of the house with their presence. Carpets come with maintenance also. You need to carpet cleaning every six months. This will make your carpet look new for a longer time. It will also increase its life span. Carpet cleaning can be done in two ways. The first is DIY carpet cleaning i.e. cleaning the carpet on your own using DIY methods. The second is a professional carpet cleaning i.e. hiring professionals for it. 

Let’s Look into The Difference Between Both of The Methods:

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

  1. Effectiveness

    DIY methods are effective only when the stain is not that tough. You can vacuum easy stains or use other DIY methods. But some of the stains are fixed and need a professional cleaner or method to remove them. For example blood stains, ink stains, and many more. So, we can say that DIY methods are not effective for every carpet problem but professional carpet cleaning has all the effective methods for every stain.
  2. Risks

    When you are trying your DIY methods then the risk factor is very high because you are not sure if the stain will get removed or not. This is because the method is not proven. Also, it can further damage your carpet or it may be harmful to you also. When you hire a professional cleaner then the risk factor is low because firstly they use proven methods. Secondly, they are experienced and know how to deal with the carpet. Thirdly, the responsibility of any damage to the carpet is to them. So, you don’t have to worry at all.
  3. Time Factor

    When you try to use DIY methods at home then you have to give a good amount of time to it. First, you have to look for the methods then you have to prepare it. Then you will apply it. Also, after applying, you are not completely sure how much time it will take.
    On the other hand, when you hire a professional for carpet cleaning then a lot of your time would be saved. This is because they will do the part for you. You can continue doing your stuff without any bothering.
  4. Cost Factor

    The cost factor depends on what DIY methods you choose. Some methods may cost you very less than the professional ones. But some may cost you more. If the carpet gets worse after using the DIY method then it is going to cost you more. Professional carpet cleaning may cost you slightly more but it is more of an investment than expenditure.

So, the above-explained were some of the factors that differentiate between professional carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning in Penrith. You can easily predict that which is more suitable.

But you can also go for DIY only when the stain is not that tough or it is about the regular cleaning of the carpet. I would suggest you go to professional cleaning once 6 months so that your carpet will look new forever.